What to expect from a Trojan Workout instructor?

The goal is obvious: getting you and your students strong and healthy, both physical and mental. 

We do this in a workout that lasts no longer than 30 minutes and guarantees safety to join on any (fitness) level. Students leave the class more empowered. The instructor is the key to this success!

There are four roles an instructor needs to own. And they all have their value: teacher, coach, mentor, and cheerleader.

First, you are the teacher or educator. You’ve put in the work as a professional by participating in the Trojan Workout Instructors Course and meet all standards for becoming certified. You have the knowledge to share!

Second, there is the coach in you that knows that it’s not about you but the student. And the only way to make your students stronger is to let them feel their strength and potentials experimentally. As a coach, you give tactical advice during training, use Mental Power Principles, correct techniques, and make sure that the workout is intense AND safe at the same time.

Third, as a mentor, you give strategic advice for a longer-term. You talk about lifestyle habits but also about limiting beliefs, and you take away limitations when it comes to showing up at your next workout. 

And finally, you are the cheerleader. This is the most overestimated role in fitness classes today. From our point of view, you can’t motivate a student unless you give him the insights that get them to feel and understand where their strength lies. Yes, OVERESTIMATED! Everywhere you see this role popping up. Trainers that think motivating is like screaming and yelling to make the students push themselves. BIG Mistake! Especially in the long term. Some encouraging words are ok, but unless you put some valuable knowledge in your words, you are only a cheerleader, and your value is volume, not quality.

By the way, cheerleaders can easily be replaced 😉 Somebody who is a trainer, coach, and mentor for you, can’t.

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