Trojan Fasting is the method to improve blood values, lose weight, gain energy and lose belly fat. These results are achieved by: a nutritional protocol and 20 minutes of relatively intensive training every day.

By performing specifically designed Trojan Sets daily, possibly supplemented with cardio training during the treatment, hormones are activated that specifically address the fat reserves under the skin (including abdomen, back, thighs and buttocks), this in combination with fasting creates an explosive increase in your strength performance after the treatment.

It is nice if you already have some experience with Trojan Workout, but it is not necessary to participate in the treatment. Your coach will guide you in this.


Find your Coach

Do you think Trojan fasting is for you and do you want to get started? Then find the Coach who is Trojan Vast certified here. You recognize this logo:

You can purchase the package from your coach who will guide you. Contact us and plan your intake appointment together.


How does it work?

After you have contacted your coach, schedule an appointment. This can be done physically or online. Your coach will provide you with the necessary supplements, a training program and a nutrition program. Then it’s up to you: Showtime! Ten days of hard work on your health and personal strength! Under supervision or independently, you do a Trojan Set (20 minutes) every day and follow a fixed program that tells you what you eat and when, in combination with the supplements. Your instructor will also help you gain insight into your mental strength and how the principles can help you further. You won’t get it as a gift, but think of the fantastic result!



You can’t help but be happy with the results achieved. In addition to the lower subcutaneous fat percentage, you have become stronger both physically and mentally! Discuss with your coach what you can best do to maintain or increase your results.