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Buy the bookMy new book, The Trojan Workout, is a compilation, a summation of all the empirical knowledge I have accumulated to this point in time. My students urged me to create a master document, a reference guide and Dragondoor Publications put me in touch with top fitness writer Marty Gallagher. He gives an accurate voice to me and my protocols. 

        This book is part autobiographical, part philosophic treatise on transforming mind and body – and the definitive training manual for the Trojan Workou

Step 1: Get Inspired

The goal of the Trojan Workout is to transform mind and body. Success is dependent on commitment and commitment requires inspiration. Continual inspiration depends on results: when we see our efforts come to fruition, when we see actual changes to the body, actual increases in performance, thinking better, feeling better, more capable – real results generate inspiration and when we are inspired we don’t miss training sessions and within those sessions an inspired athlete seeks to improve on his current benchmark. This striving to improve is where the gains are and tangible gains refill the inspiration tanks. Challenge yourself, dare to struggle, dare to win. We seek to improve on our current self. I can show you the way. I can inspire you to bring out the best in yourself: we have the method if you have tenacity. We all have our own unique learning curve, compete with yourself and put in the work. Keep a mental positive attitude and enjoy the journey, you on the road to becoming a better version of your current self.

Step 2: How to build a sharper mind and a stronger body

Intense physical effort is required to build and strengthen the body. A proper Trojan Workout will tax a participant physically and mentally. The mental taxation associated with the Trojan Workout builds and strengthens focus, concentration and alertness. There is a hormonal reaction that occurs when the requisite intensities are achieved in the Trojan Workout, adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and norepinephrine flood the bloodstream. This flood of hormones aide in muscle building, accelerating recovery and sharpen the mind: focus, concentration and alertness are instantly improved. This is also why the trainee has a feeling of well-being and centeredness.

Your workout is like a fight with yourself. Sometime’s it’s easy, somethings it’s hard but it is always a (safe) way of fighting. And a fight is sometimes physical but always mental. During a workout, you are going through mental resistance, you practice staying focused and to stand strong (Trojan Pose!) while you are getting tired. The secret of developing these mental assets lies in using them during your workout. If you practice them under taxing, stressful circumstances, you can use the mental power principles anywhere. You will not just perform better and train more safe; You can implement them in the way you look at challenges and let them become part of the way you stand strong in life.

Use the Trojan Workout app I’ve developed and you receive the great benefits that Trojan Workout offers. You will find an increasing amount of Trojan Sets to compete with yourself and develop a lean, strong and healthy body and a sharp mind.

Step 3: Become a Trojan Workout instructor

After seeing the mind-blowing results I was obtaining for my students, I naturally wondered if, by training a cadre of high level trainers, the Trojan method could be spread far and wide. Naturally, the quality of the trainer would be critical. They would need to pass a certification process of my design. My mission is to share Trojan Workout and its principles with as many people as possible. I truly believe that Trojan Workout, done right, can change lives.

You can be part of this mission. You can help ordinary people obtain extraordinary results by becoming a certified Trojan Workout instructor. I want empower a squadron of elite trainers, enable them to empower others. Trojan Workout instructors will teach people how to train, how to challenge themselves and how to grow stronger, mentally, physically and spiritually. 

I want to share my knowledge with like-minded people who want the best for others. I want you to spread the word, to teach all about mental and physical strength obtainable through the repeated and continued practice of the Trojan Workout.

Learn how to develop Trojan Sets and create programs for your students or athletes. Learn how to teach multi-level groups safely and effectively, everyone together in one class. We have strategies and protocols that make the Trojan Workout challenging and rewarding on every level.

Sign up for the next Trojan Workout course, earn the Trojan Workout certification and become a Trojan Workout certified instructor. So that “one may feel strong!”

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