The Trojan Workout App

Access the Trojan Workout App. This is an incredible information source for all things Trojan. Check out the guided workouts, a perfect instructional training tool. Learn how to do short and safe workouts.

The Trojan workout, done as instructed, will not only provide you a transformed body, in the aftermath of a Trojan Workout you possess a sharper mind.



An intense workout releases narcotic-like endorphins that provide a feeling of blissfulness. Not only does the trainee develop their body, they recalibrate their brain. Refreshed, revitalized and renewed, the Trojan Workout trainee re-enters their life with a new and vital outlook. Be aware that intense training is the greatest stress-buster known to man. This type of intense training, done with clock-like regularity creates more resilience. You’ll be able to feel better and stand strong under any circumstances.

Download our free app and when it is time to work out, turn on your phone and there I am, ready to guide you through a timed workout. Start your transformation body and mind and get to it!


Commit. Set a goal and plan your first 20 workouts. Block the time in your agenda. Open the app and start with the learning section. Make sure that you first study and practice these single exercises. If you can, find a certified (RKC or Trojan Workout) instructor to help you go through the movements together. Once you are familiar with the exercises, you can start your first Trojan Set in the workout section. Make sure that you fill in your digital log at the end of every workout you start.