Being strong
“My body says no, but my mind says one more rep”… 

Come on!! Do you really want to train like this? Do you want to beat yourself up, every single workout?

And what about mental strength? Do you really think that being strong is about not giving up on a grueling workout?

Too many people still do. They think that the way to be fit and stand strong in life is to be really hard on yourself. That you have to do workouts where you end up completely exhausted. And that you should tell yourself to keep going, no matter what”.

This idea alone is responsible for a lot of people being unfit, unhealthy, unhappy, and with a lack of self-confidence. 

Why? Because if you think you should be hard (mean?) on yourself, you’re missing the point!

What your thoughts are telling you during a workout, is what we call self-talk. Knowing how to deal with self-talk is crucial for strength. 

Self-talk isn’t bound by our verbal speech. We can produce it much faster when we don’t have to go at the pace required to use tongues and lips and voice boxes. Some say we think at an average pace of 4,000 words per minute. That’s 10 times faster than verbal speech! And our self-talk is often more condensed; we don’t have to use full sentences to talk to ourselves, because we know what we mean.

“Talk” allows us to form deep relationships with others. But also, with ourselves. We use it when we’re all alone, especially during demanding times, when we are in a challenge. It shapes a silent relationship with who you are. And with who you want to be.

Do you know where your thoughts are coming from? 

Self-talk is made of thoughts that can lift you up and put you down, no matter the circumstances you are in. People can feel great or horrible in a similar situation. It’s not about what’s happening but how you perceive it; how your thoughts work for you. 

This is why we use our Mental Power Principles in Trojan Workout. As rules and guidelines for your mind. Our unique approach isn’t just making you strong and healthy physically. Our method is helping you getting a sharp mind with healthy thoughts!

Being in charge of the thoughts in your self-talk is a learned skill. And you should use your workout to practice and improve this skill. 

So how does this work? 
First of all, you should know that thoughts just come and go and have no value, unless you give them value. If you observe them instead of just obey to them, you will see that much of this self-talk is just nonsense. A big part of standing strong is knowing what’s real and what’s created in your worried mind.

And with all things in life; the power is in applying: Put in the work

An intense Trojan Workout offers you valuable opportunities to practice. It is a great way to learn about your self-talk. Check out what comes to mind, the next time you are getting fatigued, discouraged or distracted. Is your talk supporting you? Is it telling you that you should be proud for showing up for your workout? And are you competing with yourself while respecting your boundaries? Or is your self-talk making you search for the approval of others?

People that respect their own boundaries instead of acting on self-talk, get greater results over the long term. They are stronger, healthier, and happier. Physically and mentally. And they definitely do not get dependent on approval from others. 

So, where to start? 

  • Do an intense workout 2 or 3 times a week
    (online, with our free app, or find a certified instructor)
  • Start every workout by checking in with your mind and body. 
  • Respect your boundaries, feel your strength during your workout
  • Observe your self-talk without getting emotional. Apply the Mental Power Principles.
  • Always end in Trojan Pose. 

Do you really want to be able to comprehend the mental strength that awaits you to stand strong in all aspects of life? Then reading is not enough. The power of life lies in doing. If you want to learn more about the Mental Power Principles and how you can stand strong in life, check out