Trojan Power Academy
Gonnetstraat 7
2011 KA, Haarlem
Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Website: https://www.trojanpower.nl
Email: m.bos@trojanpower.nl
Phone: +31 (0)6 1234 5678
Instagram: @martijnbosikmf

Martijn Bos

Trojan Workout Master Instructor

I began my journey as a nobody from nowhere. As a bullied frightened child, I found salvation through martial arts. I dedicated every waking minute of every day to improve my fighting skills and my bio-motor attributes.

Trojan Workout was born out of a need. I needed more strength, really fast. This method was designed to provide me that kind of strength.

After perfecting and refining Trojan Workout for myself, I discovered how the method would be wonderfully effective for regular people.

Today I’m on a mission. I want to empower the world and share the principles of mental and physical strength. I want to share Trojan Workout so everyone can feel great and stand strong, no matter what the circumstances.

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