Krav Maga Biella
Via Pietro Paietta 49
13900, Biella
Province of Biella, Italy

Website: https://www.kravmagabiella.it/
Email: lg.adaptivekravmaga@gmail.com
Phone: +39 338 4108019

Luca Gherardi

Trojan Workout Instructor

I have been going to gyms since I was a child. I started Power Lifting when I was 15 because I needed to develop my physique. At the age of 20, a virus gave me a disability in my lower limbs: I was completely paralyzed for 6 months.

After this period, I then resumed walking on crutches and I use the wheelchair for longer journeys.

About 10 years ago I risked an attack, which brought me closer to a Krav Maga course: today I am a Civil instructor and I collaborated in the creation of the Adaptive Krav Maga specialization for teaching people with disabilities. Krav Maga allowed me to get to know Martijn and from there, the step towards Trojan was short: excellent techniques even for people with physical difficulties. My target in the next few months will be a Trojan and Krav Maga course absolutely oriented towards inclusion and allowing everyone to train TOGETHER.

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