Trojan Workout instructor certification: on 8-9 february 2020, Haarlem Holland

8-9 february 2020 - Haarlem, Netherlands

In the world of modern fitness, the norm is to train more, longer, with lower quality of movement and an increased risk of injury. Trojan Workout is the complete opposite. That Trojan Workout works is beyond dispute. Elite martial artists have been using Trojan Workout for over a decade. The only variable is the devotion of the user and proper execution of the exercises. And that is where your role of a topnotch Trojan Workout instructor comes into play.

Fit for both elite and average athlete

Trojan Workout was created as a way for elite Krav Maga Experts to “up their game.” Luckily, the same dramatic benefits experienced by elite fighters can also be obtained by average people from all walks of life. How is this possible? Both the elite and beginner athlete use the identical training template. What modulates is the specific work-rest ratio.

Fast track to sharper mind and stronger body

The body has eight movement skills, known as ‘bio-motor attributes’: strength, power, endurance, speed, coordination, flexibility, agility and balance). Strength is the leading bio-motor attribute and Trojan Workout was designed to strengthen body and in turn mind in the shortest possible timeframe.

Safe, short and effective

Characteristic for most Krav Maga, martial arts or basically any regular group class, is the large variety in fitness level of the participants. Male, female, young, old, athletic, fit, not fit. They all train together under the same regime. They are there to compete with themselves and to improve their own performances. When the objective is to make a group healthier and stronger, offering random exercises isn’t just ineffective, it’s dangerous! With the principles of Trojan Workout, you get people considerably stronger physically and mentally, regardless of the starting level> And all in a safe way and in less than 30 minutes.

Trojan Workout Instructor Course

Become a certified instructor and be part of a mission to bring strength to the world. After successfully completing the Trojan Workout Instructor Course you will know;

  • The essential training exercises and how to combine them for the best effect.
  • The unique Trojan Workout principles that let people get stronger at their own level, even in a joint training.
  • How to provide group training in a safe and effective manner.
  • How to integrate exercises that build strength in any warm-up, lesson or drill.
  • The secret of explosive movements for any performance and how to increase them at lightning speed.
  • Impactful coaching techniques to use before, during and after a training.
  • To create habits that make you stronger every day.
  • To develop a training program for long-term results.

Certified instructors receive support for promoting their own lessons, international support via the Trojan Workout website, social media channels and unique Trojan Workout app.

Spread strength to the world

As a certified Trojan Workout Instructor you can be part of a mission to bring strength to the world. You can help ordinary people obtain extraordinary results. You will be part of a community that empowers others all over the world. Trojan Workout Instructors teach people how to train, how to challenge themselves and how to grow stronger, mentally, physically and spiritually.

– early bird until December 31 : € 597,- *
– January : € 649,-
– Late : € 697,-

* Extra bonus: After registering, instructors ( and students) can participate in a kettlebell seminar on December 15 from 10.00-12.00 for free, to help them with their preparation for the course.



  • Saturday: 8:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
    (Check-in from at 8:00 a.m.-8:20 am.

    Sunday: 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.


  • Adres: Gonnetstraat 7
  • Plaats: Haarlem
  • Provincie: Noord-Holland
  • Land: Netherlands

Wat zeggen anderen

Martijn Bos, de ontwerper van de Trojan Workout, is het echte werk. Hij is een meesterlijke leraar. Zijn Trojan Workout - een openbaring. Hij heeft een benadering van echte fitness gecreëerd die je zal helpen een gezond lichaam en een gezonde geest te ontwikkelen die voor jou werken in plaats van tegen je. Geniet van de radicale transformatie die je te wachten staat!

Dr. Mark Atkinson

Medisch dokter,, oprichter van Zelf-Leiderschap Training.

Er is geen twijfel mogelijk dat de methode van de Trojan Workout de beste praktijkmethode is voor mensen die fit en sterk willen zijn, geïntegreerd met real-life ervaringen. Tot mijn grote vreugde vond ik deze beweegredenen in dit boek. Het is daarnaast een prachtige manier om de kennis van Krav Maga, zoals deze door IMI werd opgericht, te verbreden, uit te breiden en te verbeteren door een nieuwe generatie van creatieve en begaafde geesten.

Avi Moyal

Meester in Krav Maga, Hoofd instructeur IKMF

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Gonnetstraat 7
2011 KA Haarlem




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