Toon Stelling

Trojan Workout instructor

Toon Stelling (Utrecht, April 25, 1964) is a Dutch former karateka and world champion.

From 1982 to 1990, he competed in karate. In that period, he became six times Dutch Champion. Stelling became European Karate Champion in London in 1982 and World Karate Champion in 1984. Between 1994 and 2001, he took part in mixed martial arts fights, including Pancrase, Rings Holland, and Battle of Arnhem. His background is 6th Dan Kyokushin Budo Kai, 2nd Dan Karate KBN, 1st Dan Judo, and black belt Russian Sambo Wrestling. He is now a Krav Maga instructor Expert 3 within the IKMF.

“Trojan Workout is the safest way to keep getting stronger. It’s not about competing with others. It’s about you, how you feel, and what keeps you going. For me, my instructors at Heathclub Heijenoord, and for my students.

I have a long history of fighting at a high level. In those periods I demanded a lot from myself in a not so healthy way. If I would have known Trojan Workout back then, I would have had fewer injuries and more strength and health. I can’t change the past, so I focus on my Trojan Pose now, at the moment.

My most effective habit is daily training not longer than 30 minutes, 7 times a week. It’s easy to maintain for me, and it feels great! Every day just 30 minutes

For me, physical or mental strength means doing what feels good. Train often, not long!”


  • Healthclub Heijenoord
  • Address: Amsterdamseweg 107
  • City: Arnhem
  • State: Gelderland
  • Country: Netherlands


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