0000 AA, Brensbach
Hessen, Germany

Website: https://www.defendyourself.de
Email: chklein83@yahoo.de

Christopher Klein

Trojan Workout Instructor

Practicing Krav Maga at Defend Yourself Krav Maga since 2013 and as an instructor since 2018.

What does “being strong” mean to you (mental and/or physical)?

Of both of these I consider being strong mentally as even more important as being strong physically. Physical strength maybe makes you more restistant, lifting heavier weights or (in terms of Krav Maga) let throw stronger and heavier punches, but mental strength is what keeps you going. Being strong mentally makes the difference between winning or losing a fight. Being strong mentally makes you exceed your limits when you thought you reached them. Being strong mentally enables you to achieve goals that always seemed impossible to accomplish for you.

So in order for becoming strong physically, you have to become strong mentally. Both has work in alignment.

That is what Trojan Workout is about. To help you to become strong both: Physically and mentally.

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