Tactical defense
Willem de Vlaminghstraat 33
1335 PS, Almere
Flevoland, Netherlands

Website: https://www.tacticaldefense.nl/
Email: info@tacticaldefense.nl
Phone: +31 (0)6-24785812

Jeroen Meijer

Trojan Workout Instructor

Efficient and effective, that’s how I describe Trojan Workout. Efficient because you can do it anywhere (both inside and outside on the beach or in the forest) and when it suits you. You use your own bodyweight or a kettlebell so you are not dependent on all kinds of equipment. Effective because a Trojan Workout does not last longer than 30 minutes and you do not train muscle groups, but chains of muscles so that the energy that you put into your training does not leak out. A Trojan Set consists of three exercises, an isometric, an explosive and a grind and if you understand this principle you can create your own variations and the possibilities are endless. People with an injury can also continue to train safely. All in all, an enrichment for me to develop myself but also my students during Krav Maga or private lessons. I can tell but it much more valuable to experience it for yourself. Take that step!

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