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Trojan Workout instructor

Efficient and effective, that’s how I describe the Trojan Workout method. Efficient because you can do it anywhere (both inside and outside on the beach or in the forest) and when it suits you. You use your own bodyweight or a kettlebell so you are not dependent on all kinds of equipment. Effective because a Trojan Workout does not last longer than 30 minutes and you do not train muscle groups, but chains of muscles so that the energy that you put into your training does not leak out. A Trojan Set consists of three exercises, an isometric exercise, an explosive exercise and a grind and if you understand this principle you can create your own variations and the possibilities are endless. People with an injury can also continue to train safely. All in all, an enrichment for me to develop myself but also my students during a Krav Maga or private lesson. I can tell but it is much more valuable to experience it for yourself. Take that step!


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What Others Say

Martijn Bos, the creator of the Trojan Workout, is the real deal. He is a master teacher. His Trojan Workout - a revelation. He has engineered an approach to true fitness that will help you create a healthy body and mind that works for you, not against you. Enjoy the radical transformation that awaits you!

Dr. Mark Atkinson.
Medical Doctor.
Creator of Self-Leadership Training.

What Others Say

There is no doubt that the methods of the Trojan Workout are the best practice methods for those who seek fitness and strength, integrated with realistic experiences, and these are the motifs I was glad to find in this book. It is also a wonderful way to expend the knowledge of Krav Maga, as it was founded by IMI and continues to grow and improve by the new creative and gifted minds of this generation.

Avi Moyal
Master in Krav Maga
Head instructor IKMF

What Others Say

At this phase of my life and career, I don’t need to do anything. I only take on projects that interest or excite me. When John DuCane put me in touch with Martijn, I had an immediate connection. He was onto something powerful. I really liked his credentials. He’d had a hell of a life for a young man. He really won me over when, after working on the book project for a month he let slip in his typical low-key fashion that he’d been a featured cast member on a hit European reality TV show – replete with scandal and intrigue – add to that some of drills he had to pass to win his level 14 Krav Maga certification and I was knew I wanted to do his book – it wrote itself – from start to finish six-months and done!

Marty Gallagher
IPF world champion
masters division

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