Dieter Poortman

Trojan Workout instructor

Great to see that you have found Trojan Workout! Whether you are in exploration mode or actively looking for an instructor in your area, it means that you have set a first step towards a workout approach that will help you create a healthy body and mind. Trojan Workout is open to all people looking to train efficiently and effectively in a safe environment.

My first experience with Trojan Workout dates to 2016, when I started training Krav Maga self-defence. I enjoyed the synergies between the two systems, making me physically and mentally a stronger person. I still enjoy every Trojan Workout training, whether it’s just myself carrying my kettlebell to the beach or park for a workout or with students during a group training. Every time, I work on myself, I put in the effort, and get a little bit stronger.

Discovering the Trojan Workout method has been an enhancement to my life. I now want to empower others by sharing its principles during small classes trainings or private lessons. If you want to join Trojan Workout or would like to have more information, then take that next step and contact me or one of my colleagues!



  • Groningen
  • Address:
  • City: Groningen
  • State: Groningen
  • Country: Netherlands


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Gonnetstraat 7
2011 KA Haarlem

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