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Trojan Workout more than a fitness workout – it’s a way of life and it starts, like Krav Maga, in your mind. I first got introduced to Trojan Workout at the Krav Maga Instructors Update in Frankfurt in 2018, taught by Martijn Bos.

Trojan Workout is great because it’s timesaving and still so efficient and it helps  people get stronger in a world full of appointments, work, stress and distractions.


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What others say

Martijn Bos, the creator of the Trojan Workout, is the real deal. He is a master teacher. His Trojan Workout - a revelation. He has engineered an approach to true fitness that will help you create a healthy body and mind that works for you, not against you. Enjoy the radical transformation that awaits you!

Dr. Mark Atkinson

Medical Doctor., Creator of Self-Leadership Training.

There is no doubt that the methods of the Trojan Workout are the best practice methods for those who seek fitness and strength, integrated with realistic experiences, and these are the motifs I was glad to find in this book. It is also a wonderful way to expend the knowledge of Krav Maga, as it was founded by IMI and continues to grow and improve by the new creative and gifted minds of this generation.

Avi Moyal

Master in Krav Maga, Head instructor IKMF

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