Alonso Corrales

Trojan Workout Senior instructor

I consider that my passion for sports and understanding human body performance can be traced back to my early childhood years when I started training Taekwondo. As I started to grow older I was always interested in designing my own training regimes. I was also very curious minded and so I also applied my scientific reasoning to sports. After around 15 years into training, competing and teaching Taekwondo I had already obtained my second rank black belt. But it was during my time training self defense under a Kung Fu teacher that I got to know about Krav Maga and that would change my life.

I started training Krav Maga as a student of Cristian Araya IKMF director for Costa Rica, my homeland. It was after some years of training that I realized that I wanted to combine my passion for designing training sessions, for teaching and sharing knowledge with my experience and therefore became an IKMF civilian instructor. In 2018 I moved to the Netherlands where I was received as a member of the Protect Invest team by its director Mario Schouten, with whom I had previously trained before.

It was with the immersion in the IKMF Netherlands team that I got to know Martijn and the Trojan Workout. Which embodied all of the principles I had been applying in my own training and lessons and a lot more. I got immediately drawn by the scientific reasoning behind the structure of the workout, as well as the effectiveness, the versatility, the functionality focus and the warrior mindset. I knew this was the best way of putting it all together!


  • Address:
  • City: Amsterdam
  • State: Noord Holland
  • Country: Netherlands


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Gonnetstraat 7
2011 KA Haarlem

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