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Let’s empower the world with our knowledge. You can become part of a mission. Get certified and help ordinary people obtain extraordinary results. Trojan Workout instructors will teach people how to train effective, how they challenge themselves and how they grow stronger; mentally, physically and spiritually.

The Fast track to a sharper mind and stronger body

Become a Trojan Workout Instructor

You can be one of the first wave of IKMF instructors that are Trojan Workout certified!

We are seeking motivated, enthusiastic individuals ready to change the world one renovated physique at a time. The Trojan Workout is a revolutionary approach to an age-old question: how best can humans improve strength, health, flexibility, mobility, endurance and stamina? How best do we better our body? How best do we improve Krav Maga performance and physically and psychologically reinvent ourselves and our students?

The Trojan Workout is a sophisticated system of strength training that is beneficial for Krav Maga training. Multilayered and multidimensional, our instructor certification program teaches the subtleties and intricacies that form the philosophic foundation of the Trojan Workout. From the philosophy flows the strategies, protocols, drills and the vast array of exercises available to choose from to enhance and improve the skills of every Kravist.

Our two-day instructor certifications are equal parts education (strategies and tactics) and equal part workshop (exercise techniques and drills.) All certification attendees are provided a copy of the Trojan Workout Instructor Manual. All manner and kind of exercise and drill are demonstrated, workshopped and further explained how to implement them in group lessons and Krav Maga classes. The comprehensive instruction phase is followed by rigorous testing phase. The Trojan Workout certification process takes two full days to complete.

Melding Mind & Body

The Trojan Workout philosophy places great emphasize on the psychological aspects of a successful physical transformation. As a lifelong martial artist and Krav Maga Expert, the head instructor stress proper Mindset, a martial mindset; a recalibrated, focused and concentrated Mindset is critical for success. There are Mind tactics that can instantly improve your performance. The Mind can be the athlete’sbestfriendorworstenemy. Wehaveastrategyforelevating focus and concentration.

Our modern world is full of stresses and obstacles. Diligent practice of the Trojan Workout has been proven to be the greatest possible stress reliever. An intense Trojan Workout never fails to dissipate mental stress, leaving the athlete revitalized, refreshed and centered after theworkout.

Krav Maga, martial arts and combat systems specific

There is no better system that supports the ability to perform in combat scenarios the way Trojan Workout does. Its principles create a template that can be used in any fight class or self-defense training. The mental power principles help students to deal better with any conflict that comes their way. The physical training aspects that build a Trojan Set (isometric, explosive and grind) are exactly the way the body copes with stress. It starts with a moment of freezing, quickly followed with an explosive movement. If successful, the conflict is solved. If not, the student will need to struggle his/her way out like a grind.

This unique strengthening system was developed and refined and globally introduced to a select control group within the world of high level Krav Maga, professional fighters and Martial artist. The results were spectacular and nearly instantaneous. Core commandments were also created in this time period. Shortly after it was decided to share this newly-devised protocol with a wider control group.

Martijn Bos has trained over 3,000 Krav Maga students, of all ages, genders and with differing degrees of fitness. This extended athletic population served as a gigantic, ongoing Trojan Workout laboratory.
In keeping with Bruce Lee’s credo, ‘absorb what is useful, discard what is not.’, Bos refined the techniques and expanded the scope and depth of the Trojan Workout based on field results.

Now we are introducing the Trojan Workout to the general public through books, articles, seminars and all social media. The system has gotten tremendous traction with the practitioners. Quantifiable improvements in strength, endurance and body composition are obtained with just three 30-minute workouts per week.

Spread the Trojan Philosophy

Once we empower you, once you undergo and obtain the Trojan Workout certification, now you, in turn, can empower others. Our overarching goal is to bring strength to as many people as possible, people from all walks of life. You will be in the inner cadre of certified trainers whose goal is to spread the Gospel of the Trojan Workout along with IKMF Krav Maga and it’s incredible physical and psychological benefits. Want to know more?

The Trojan Workout Certification

Martijn Bos has been developing and refining the Trojan Workout for well over a decade. He personally certifies all Trojan Workout instructors. The certification process is a two-day event wherein Trojan Workout instructor candidates will learn the philosophy, history, evolution and all the subtle aspects of our principle-based training system.  Attendees will learn how to teach group classes wherein all levels can work together, simultaneously, this despite being on completely different fitness levels and seeking completely different goals. Highly specific skills and drills are taught and tested during this two-day event.

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Trojan Workout Keywords

  • possessing a vast arsenal of kettlebell, floor and bodyweight exercises and having an equally vast arsenal of highly specific techniques. Perfect technique keeps the Trojan Workout participant safe. It is when we stray outside perfect technique that injuries occur.
  • Knowing how to differentiate, how to pick and choose the right exercise for the right student. Beginner and elite can train side-by-side. Everyone proceeds at their own pace. The Trojan Workout student is not competing against others, rather seeking to improve self.
  • Implementing proven-effective Trojan Workout principles in a group setting. This is a complex undertaking and requires the implementation of a master strategy for each member of the TW group before the start of the TW session.
  • Using the empirical knowledge that has been accumulated over the past decade. There are subtle variations in technique that make an incredible difference. Make use of the programing knowledge we have acquired – our experience will shorten your journey.
  • Coaching on the mental aspects of the Trojan Workout is critical: motivation, courage, willpower, stress-reduction, self-confidence and fatigue fighting. We coach empowerment, we coach the Mental Power Principles.
  • Creating effective training programs and training schedules. How best to improve upon the 5 bio-motor attributes? speed, strength, endurance, flexibility and agility. The Trojan Workout requires constant creativity to sculpt and mold the appropriate workout

Why attend? 

Our Mission is to create a core cadre of instructors. These well-informed trainers that will spread our beneficial training protocols to the wider population. Ultimately, optimally, our core cadre of well-instructed instructors will generate a positive impact by improving the physiological and psychological health and well-being of clients and students.

Passion is critical for imparting knowledge to others. Passion is an outgrowth of genuine enthusiasm and enthusiasm is born of actual results, physical and psychological results for the trainer and results for the trainer’s students. All Trojan Workout certified trainers exhibit a true passion that only comes when intense knowledge is wedded to hardcore training practices and procedures. Real results refuel passion.

Knowing the methodology we teach will renovate anyone at any level, from complete out of shape beginner to elite athlete.  We can improve performance and physique regardless of who you are with just three 30-minute Trojan Workouts per week. The Trojan Workout must be done right, taught right, taught with expertise and executed with passion. Passion is contagious and brings joy to both student and teacher. If you are passionate about helping others improve their current physical and psychological status, become a Trojan Workout instructor.

Focus and awareness are psychological states that can be cultivated and improved upon, over time and with repeated practice. Part of the Trojan Workout philosophy is the continual emphasis on cultivating and improving focus and awareness. These are two subtly different psychological states: focus is micro, tunnel vision, a narrow field of concentration. Awareness is broad and encompassing, the ‘soft eye’ that takes in everything. We need both. We have drills and exercises, many from Krav Maga, designed to improve focus and awareness and in doing so take progress to the next level.

Widespread applicability is critical: the Trojan Workout was created by elite martial artists. The goal was to make the fighter stronger, more muscular, yet leaner and fitter. A time-compressed method was devised. As the years rolled by, the Trojan Workout was modified and improved upon. It was discovered that detuned versions of the Trojan Workouts the elite fighters were using would obtain sensational results for regular people. The key was keeping the same protocols and procedures used by elite athlete but radically reducing the poundage, payloads and stresses.

Principles need be grounded in philosophy.  The Trojan Workout has a long list of philosophic tenants that instructor candidates are shown and expected to learn and understand. The Trojan Workout is not simply a collection of exercises; the Trojan Workout is a philosophy with principles that use various exercises as tools to arrive at a predetermined result. Many of the principles that form the philosophic foundation of the Trojan Workout came from Krav Maga. Our principles are rooted in empirical experience and science: principles are rooted in science and can be consistently replicated. The application of our unifying principles ignites personal growth.

Start your own fitness business or expand your current fitness business by becoming one of the first wave of certified Trojan Workout instructors. You will be able to offer clients and students a revolutionary new approach to physical renovation – without having to deal with market over-saturation. Those that prosper the most in new ventures are those that get onboard first. With proper marketing and comprehensive social media market saturation, the uniqueness of the Trojan Workout will work to your business advantage. By offering this unique system you will not be surrounded by other offering the same. Success in business comes to those that offer a unique product that delivers promised results for a reasonable price: this is the very definition of the Trojan Workout. Make a smart business decision: become a certified instructor.

Test yourself, challenge yourself, better yourself physically and psychologically. I do not give away Trojan Workout certifications; be prepared to work, be prepared to be challenged mentally and physically. The Trojan Workout is not a cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all approach, the Trojan Workout is multi-leveled and subtle, everyone works at their own pace. By improving ourselves, by testing ourselves, we improve ourselves.

Instructor Requirements

The Trojan Workout Instructor Certification will be a two-day event. Testing will be both written and physical. A Trojan Workout manual will be provided all attendees. Those that pass the testing and are certified for three years.

To become a certified Trojan Workout instructor, minimum benchmarks must be met…

  1. Hardstyle pushup test
  2. Situational Awareness
  3. Demonstrate teaching skills
  4. Demonstrate a complete understanding of Trojan Workout principles
  5. Effective coaching skills

Should you fail to make the requirements, you may arrange to be re-tested. You have 3 months to retest the skill(s) that you failed. There are two ways to re-test.

  • First is to send a video to the senior instructor.
  • Second is to communicate with your senior instructor to arrange to be tested in person by him/her.

You also have the option to retake the course within one year, for which you will pay a special discount fee.

Active participation in this 2-day certification process will be demanding on the mind and the body.  Full participation is mandatory for becoming certified. The course demands a lot from the physical capacity of the participants. Appropriate preparation is required. During the course, lectures, techniques, training sessions and workouts always alternate. Basic knowledge and skills of bodyweight and kettlebell training are highly desirable to successfully complete the course as a certified instructor.

You may choose to audit this course if you are not intending to teach. if you are taking the course for personal enrichment you will not be required to take any of the tests. You will not receive an instructor’s certificate, instead you will receive a certificate of attendance.

Certified Trojan Workout instructors will receive additional business support: free referrals from the Trojan Workout national customer-network along with a three-year listing of your contact information on the Trojan Workout Website. We have developed a high-quality app to support the workout of instructors and their students. We assist certified trainers and consult continually with them. When a student poses a unique or unusual training problem, we stand ready to consult and consul.

Benchmark Testing Requirements

  1. The Strength Assessment test: Pushups, bodyweight squats, the Trojan Pose and the Plank.

An instructor candidate must demonstrate an ability to maintain tension and core stability, necessary for safe exercise and proper technique.

  • 10 strict push-ups for men, 3 strict push-ups for women
  • 10 strict bodyweight squats ending in the Trojan Pose
  • Plank testing
  1. The Technique TestThe course instructor will teach you and later test you on the following exercises and their individualized optional variations…
  • Kettlebell techniques tested with double-arm include the swing and Goblet squat, lunge.
  • Single-arm exercise taught and performed on both sides: Cheat Clean, Getup, Press.
  • Isometrics
  • Trojan Pose
  • Plank
  • Push up
  • Levers
  • pull up
  • leg raise 
  1. Conditioning assessment:Trojan Workout candidates must pass a conditioning assessment test that utilizes different Trojan Sets. This is a test of the instructor candidate’s ability to perform isometric, ballistic and grinding exercises. Trojan Sets emphasizing strength endurance and cardiovascular conditioning are demonstrated.
  1. Teaching Requirements: Candidates are competent to demonstrate the ability to teach a Trojan Workout group session, containing exercises and principles that are learned during the course. He/she will teach a 30-minute workout. Performance will be evaluated, based on the ability to facilitate a safe and effective workout, the ability to implement the learned exercises with different variations, the Trojan Workout principles and coaching skills.
  2. Knowledge requirements: Candidates need be able to design customized training regimens for students from all walks of life and at differing levels of fitness.

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