JOIN OUR MISSION | MAY 25TH & 26TH 2024 | Haarlem

Feel great. Stand strong. Trojan Workout is the most effective strength training method there is. The unique sequence and combination of different kinds of exercises make people really strong, really fast, both physically and mentally. Would you like to master Trojan Workout and join our mission to empower the world and help people connect with their own strength? Become a certified Trojan Workout Instructor.


As a Trojan Workout Instructor you master the principles and protocols and techniques of the most effective strength training method there is. The unique combination and sequence of the different kind of exercises make people really strong, really fast in a safe and injury free way.


The Trojan Workout Instructor certification process is a two day course, containing multiple physical tests, a written exam and an instructor exam, where your teaching skills will be reviewed. All participants will receive a Trojan Workout Manual. After passing all the required tests you are certified up to three years.

Full participation is required to be able to certify. The course will consist of a mixture of lectures techniques, training and workouts. Basic knowledge and skills with regard to bodyweight and kettlebell training will help complete the certification process succesfully.


To be able to partake in the official certification process, a set of minimal requirements must be met prior to the course. The minimal requirements are the correct execution of :
  1. Trojan Pose
  2. Push up test
  3. Basic Plank test
  4. Bodyweight Squat test
A candidate must be able to show he or she is capable of generating both maximum and optimal muscle tension through Trojan Pose of Trojan Plank. These capabilities ensure the correct technique and safe execution of the different kind of exercises.
  • 10 x Push Ups for men, 3 Push Ups for women
  • 10 x Bodyweight Squat, ending each repetition in a correct Trojan Pose
  • 2 minute regular Plank test, choice between high or low plank. Not a Trojan Plank.


You are also welcome to partake certification without the exams. A candidate can also attend the course with the intention of mastering the Trojan Workout method without any professional ambitions. The candidate will not receive an Instructor Certification but a Participation Certification.


COURSE: 25 – 26 May 2024

REGULAR € 697,-

After registering participants will receive the recordings of an online theory course so they are able to prepare, have a better understanding of the principles and how you can develop a training programm either just for your own purposes or for others.