Trojan Workout Instructeurs update

2 oktober 2022 - Haarlem, Netherlands


Trojan Workout Instructors Event is a special event where we give our certified instructors a training and instructors update. It is also a meetup to connect and look at the opportunities to strengthen and grow our community.  We meet our instructors several times a year to come together, share knowledge and experiences and offer further steps to empower our students. 

During this event a Senior or Master instructor will teach new training-related updates and teaching tools for the growth of your personal and business development. 

In this special 2-hour instructors’ event, you will learn about:

  • Advanced training exercises and how to combine them for the best effect.
  • Unique Trojan Workout principles that let instructors up their game in getting stronger.
  • How to integrate principles in programming, creating habits and help beginners and advanced athletes
  • How to grow your business as an instructor or gym owner
  • Level 2 Trojan Workout Coaching – certification
  • The Trojan Workout Partners


Our mission is to help people grow stronger with physical and mental power. As a certified Trojan Workout Instructor your student confide in you to help their bodies to grow stronger. In our certification programs and partner events, you learn the tools and insights into empowering  your students mentally and physically. Learn more about this growth opportunity? Come to the event!


To further support and expand our mission and our community we have set up a partnership agreement for certified L1 and/or L2 instructors. Joining our forces, we can achieve more every day. We offer our partners all kinds of support in getting stronger and growing their business. For instance, we offer branding and marketing tools, a virtual platform for our (potential) customer base, joint events as training goals and discounts on merchandising.  If you have completed the Trojan Workout Certification level 1, you can join our Trojan Workout Partners community and engage in all the partnership events and services. Learn more about standing stronger together and join this event.

Participation fee: free of charge for our Trojan Workout instructors

Sign up by using the form below or sending an email with your full name to:


  • Zondag: 13:00 p.m.-15:00 p.m.


  • Address: Gonnetstraat 7
  • City: Haarlem
  • Country: Netherlands

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