Why we do what we do… and become better

Why we do what we do… and become better

Last month I suddenly ran into this article. An inspiring story about a girl that lost 120 pounds in a year.  The story reminded me of a student I had several years ago. Her name was Sandy. Sandy stood five feet three inches and weighed 220 pounds. I initially...
Self-talk for strength

Self-talk for strength

Being strong“My body says no, but my mind says one more rep”…  Come on!! Do you really want to train like this? Do you want to beat yourself up, every single workout? And what about mental strength? Do you really think that being strong is about not giving up on a...
Core muscles of Trojan Workout

Core muscles of Trojan Workout

Training what?! She could see from my face that I was not amused by what she said, but still repeated her question: When will we do Core training? I’ve read on the internet that those muscles are the most important to train. Her question came when we had just finished...
Trojan, not Spartan

Trojan, not Spartan

To understand the value of the Trojan Workout and why this is what you need for a sharper mind and a stronger body, I have to make something clear: Our method is Trojan, not Spartan!          As a preteen, I was a reader of Greek and Roman mythology. There is...

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