One more rep! Don’t give up! Push yourself! 

If you want to get stronger, lose weight, or increase your fitness level, you have to train like a beast, with nothing but extreme devotion and toughness. And in doing this, you will automatically get stronger mentally. Right?

At least, this is what you will start to believe because of what you see on the internet, what you read in magazines, and what you hear people talking about: if you want to achieve something, there is only one way, the hard way. Do what top athletes and world champions do, or end up as a loser.


Through training, you can experience more perseverance, which you can also use in other areas of your life like pushing boundaries, making friends with discomfort, holding on when something gets difficult or even painful, and challenging yourself. But these qualities do not stand alone. And are often implemented in a completely wrong way!

With Trojan Workout, you become physically and mentally stronger. But not in a short-sighted way of always going to extremes. Perseverance and persistence are qualities. They are established in the mind, and you develop them by just experiencing them more often, for example, through physical training. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Knowing and respecting your boundaries is just as important in the first place as the ability to push them. And here, we do not mean the boundaries that you set for someone else. We are referring to those within you! The ones that are giving you wisdom, and they deserve attention.

If you are in a training session, and the instructor yells at you to not give up and push yourself, the chances that you will continue your training safely and responsibly, are not that great.

When you try to finish that extra repetition, without staying connected to your body (and mind), you cross boundaries that normally protect you. Instead of performing optimally, you go out of the moment, and finishing the movement becomes more important than the reason you tended to train for in the first place; getting stronger, moving safely, and increasing your self-confidence. Quality goes out of the window when the volume gets too much attention. More and better do not go together. You cannot perform optimally without respecting what you can potentially do at that moment.

The reason why people today are overworked, exhausted, injured, or ending up having a burn-out, is not because they are walking around the edges or they give up too quickly. It is due to the lack of self-respect because they do not take good care of themselves, do not invest in the quality of their life, and do not consider their true potential and their limits.

Mental strength can protect you from this. Because no matter how busy you are at work, it is not your work that turns you over: it is YOU and how you treat yourself. It is not the lack of perseverance that prevents you from completing your training successfully: it is the loss of self-love and not accepting imperfections.

So, how can you make good use of your developed perseverance, so you will keep training safely and standing strong in life?

It is easier than you think:

Show up in your workout. Hold on to the commitment you (have) made, at home, in a group lesson, or online training. By doing Trojan Workout, you invest in yourself, create a stronger body and a sharper mind, and keep growing while respecting your limits.

In Trojan Workout, where intensity is paramount, you learn to feel what you need, let your quality of movement celebrate, and respect how you can perform at the moment. You work out more safely, you develop mental strength, and you can achieve incredible results in the long term. All the above with self-confidence and self-respect.

Do you really want to be able to comprehend the mental strength that awaits you to stand strong in all aspects of life? Then reading is not enough. The power of life lies in doing. Check out our free “Trojan Workout” training app for an instructor near you or visit https://trojanworkout.com/find-an-instructor/